Financial Services

Financial services providers are the leading target for cybercrime. At Canaudit we work diligently to manage information risk profiles and help financial institutions and financial service providers identify and remediate today’s top risks.

In addition to the traditional methods used to infiltrate sensitive network systems, sophisticated cyber criminals prey on employees that may unintentionally release information through carefully crafted social engineering techniques. Our social engineering services assist financial services providers in developing security awareness across various departments and increasing controls over cyber risk.

Industry loss ratios have been dramatically increasing due to fraud charges, and litigation resulting from unauthorized use of personal financial data has added more pressure within financial institutions. To endure constant unauthorized access attempts, financial network security must be nimble in order to prevent attacks and respond to attacks proactively while maintaining the objective of avoiding operational delays.

As regulatory requirements pour in, financial services providers must navigate through the regulations using their judgment and knowledge. However, what may seem clear-cut is not always so. For this reason, our information technology audit services are sought after by banks, credit unions and investment services firms alike to help make their industry secure, preserve reputations and improve their security posture.

Regulatory standards concerning the financial sector may include PCI-DSS, SOX, FFIEC, GLBA and the FDIC IT-RMP. Related security frameworks or standards may include ISO/IEC 27001 or 27002 and NIST SP800-53.

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