At Canaudit we provide an array of services, such as IT network penetration testing and policy and procedure reviews for law firms. In addition to traditional IT security risk assessments, we provide forensic analyses that cover a wide range of capabilities for the legal industry. We work regularly with law firms in a specialized capacity in situations where in-house resources are limited.

An IT forensic analysis may be necessary in a variety of sensitive legal matters, including fraud investigation, electronic evidence collection on a variety of litigation matters, the organization of large volumes of data in response to interrogatories, strategic advice on discovery of digital property, intellectual property theft, cyber crime, data recovery and more.

Canaudit has the ability to perform an unbiased, independent review as it relates to IT forensic analysis and maintains confidentiality as a paramount consideration.

Regulatory standards concerning the legal sector may include PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA and HITECH. Related security frameworks may include ISO/IEC 27001 or 27002 and NIST SP800-53.

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