Canaudit serves a variety of utilities providers across the nation, including oil, natural gas, water and electric services, ensuring security in operations and providing network integrity services. Our services are relevant across departments, and we go through a rigorous screening process in order to protect the sensitive areas these networks may access, such as SCADA.

We understand the intricacies related to providing services that a large population depends on. Cyber threats go beyond single breaches for personal gains. Our national security depends on preserving our way of life, protecting our citizens and defending against any large-scale attempts to undermine security.

Our comprehensive penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services are highly sought after and ensure that systems are secure across a broad range of channels.

Regulatory standards concerning utilities providers may include FISMA, FERC and NERC-CIP. Related security frameworks may include ISO/IEC 27001 or 27002 and NIST SP800-53.

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