IT Forensic Analysis

Most organizations are not prepared for situations requiring immediate action, despite having a highly qualified internal IT team. Without a knowledgeable team of experts on your side, the impact of security incidents can multiply, infiltrating your network and resulting in lost productivity, confidentiality risks and latent damage, which most organizations are not positioned to manage on their own. Canaudit performs IT forensics analyses to help identify, track and prosecute an intruder should an IT security breach occur. In many cases, incidence response time is critical in mitigating damage, and Canaudit is sought for exactly this reason—rapid response coupled with strategic action.

IT forensic analysis may be necessary in a variety of sensitive matters, including fraud investigation, electronic evidence collection on a variety of litigation matters, intellectual property theft, cybercrime, data recovery and more. Canaudit performs an unbiased, independent review as it relates to IT forensics analysis and maintains confidentiality as a paramount consideration.

Canaudit’s experienced IT consultants isolate threats, uncover hidden vulnerabilities and manage IT security crises for a variety of industries. Canaudit’s expertise is as unique as the clients who retain us, providing an unrivaled, strategic approach to each engagement.

Depending on the nature and scope of the IT forensic analysis, services may include the following:

  • Documentation
  • Breach Crisis Management
  • Collection of Audit and Security Logs
  • Damage Assessment of Assets
  • Identification of Target or Victim
  • Data and Evidence Extraction
  • Evidence Analysis
  • Crime Reconstruction
  • Assistance in the Investigation
  • Legal Action
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