Physical Security Review

Physical security reviews are an excellent way to provide security personnel and management officials with information helpful in determining the effectiveness and appropriateness of existing security guidelines. Site security reviews are a great first step to take prior to making security improvements at a facility or when trying to solve a specific security problem.

These reviews are intended to be independent investigations by an experienced third-party covering all of the major infrastructures of the organization. Major physical security weaknesses and potential weaknesses can be identified and proper corrective action can be recommended that is tailored specifically to your facility.

Canaudit’s physical security review service provides an in-depth review of your organization’s facility security controls and processes. Canaudit conducts a thorough assessment of operations vulnerabilities through a review of all security-related policies and procedures, as well as premise surveys, and can include social engineering infiltration testing, if desired. Ultimately, this assessment provides a risk management view of the operational environment’s vulnerabilities. The goal is to help you achieve a safe and secure working environment for employees and establish processes that ensure the protection of personnel, intellectual assets and all site facilities.

The physical security review uses a structured process that allows Canaudit to develop an understanding of your business, operational need and conditions, corporate culture, and unique security risks. This assessment process is constantly evolving, allowing us to take advantage of lessons learned from previous assessments, and to keep up with the latest security best practices.

The physical security review is custom tailored for each project, but typically includes reviews of the following:

  • Threat and Vulnerability
  • Site and Facility Security
  • Facility Operating Procedures
  • Physical Security Systems
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Security Policies and Procedures
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