IT Security and IT Audit Services

Canaudit is a full-service IT security audit and consulting firm. We provide a host of information technology audit and consulting services, including network penetration assessments, network vulnerability assessments, web application security testing, IT security audits and more. As one of the first firms to offer network audit services, we have pioneered a methodology that often results in findings that other firms miss.

Not only do we help organizations protect confidential client data, we help safeguard organizations from security risks that can often be prevented through best practices. Our expertise regarding current and emerging IT security threats is an invaluable resource that becomes readily apparent as we map out the vulnerabilities in your organization. Our unique IT security audits result in robust, actionable reports that can be used as a baseline upon which a comprehensive remediation effort can be designed and implemented.

Canaudit provides a value proposition, and our mission has always been to transfer knowledge, skills and resources to our clients and partnered organizations, thereby enhancing controls and optimizing network security worldwide.

For over thirty years, we have helped organizations resist security breaches and develop practical strategies that facilitate security in complex business environments. Our IT Security and Audit suite of services include:

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